i have a feeling that some of my friends kind of dream about us living in a house together merrily
but you bitches know that there is not a track of land large enough for all of us to live together in harmony for more than a month. this house would be impossibly huge. it’d be like the wayside school. there would be divisions among friends a whole new game of thrones right in our very friend circle.
everyone would be fighting over kevin

  • laura would be yelling from their section of the house clutching adam protectively (who would be doing science shit to make the perfect ear plugs) threatening everyone coming near kevin and adam 
  • katie would be covered in cat merchandise in a cat coma and only rousing from her near odin like sleep to play indie videogames and party
  • gretchen would have a kawaii ass room but thats to deceive the enemy into thinking they walked into mandy’s room while shes really hiding in wait with her zombie guard dogs
  • mandy would be kickin ass and takin names with her demonic charm army her and gretchen share a room since she deemed it kawaii enough but they still booby trap eachother
  • and i would be blasting rap music and playing videogames with kevin and katie and occasionally laura when they’re done sonically screeching about their authority. 

the only time we would get along is when there is food being made.

if im forgetting anyone, sorry, you were probably killed in the initial battle.

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    I wouldn’t have it any other way. Let’s make this happen.
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