okay so

that is Tinybro as Sis

When we got to the rave, they weren’t dancing because someone passed out so we pretended that we were intensely breakdancing

I’m grabbing some dragondick and missing

Fef (cockknockerorwhatever) fell into my bathtub because I woo’d her

and then I kicked ass.

  1. pandasexualtinybroからリブログして、コメントを追加しました:
    you had just given me a piggybackride? perhaps I broke you. :l sorry sis
  2. that-one-brassettetinybroからリブログして、コメントを追加しました:
    omg the last picture
  3. tinybrot33n4g3-d1rtb4gからリブログして、コメントを追加しました:
    ok that mustache must have been heavy or something i don’t remember but idk why else my back is bending like that.
  4. t33n4g3-d1rtb4gpandasexualからリブログして、コメントを追加しました:
    that. is. AMAZING. first of all, second picture that’s my butt in the corner omg deal with it. Second of all. ME IN THE...